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Single family Special

Single family condo or house closing from just purchasers - $295
sellers - $175
single family
closing special details


Edward Balcsik is a lawyer whose practice includes real estate law, particularly the purchase and sale of residential real estate. When selling or purchasing a house, vacant lot, condominum unit, commercial real estate or other real estate it is wise to protect yourself and your finacial investment by seeking the help of an experienced lawyer.


House - Condo Closing Special Fees as low as $295 for purchasers of a single family house or condo
- $175 for sellers of a single family house or condo

Purchasing or Selling a property is a complex event. It is an event with significant legal and financial implications. This is true whether the house or condo is your primary residence or an investment property. For most people, selling or buyin real estate, will be one of the largest financial transactions in their lives. So it is critical to understand the benefits and the risks in such transactions. Edward Balcsik is an experienced and affordable Real Estate Lawyer who can help you through the real estate transaction.

Services provided in a typical transaction for a SELLER include:

* Review and explain the real estate contract

* Negotiate changes to contract, if necessary

* Advise on Inspection issues

* Obtain payoff letters from your current lenders

* Order and review title

* If condo, obtain paid assessment and waiver of first refusal letter

* Order survey

* Procure necessary town/city certifications

* Prepare transfer documents

* Attend closing with or on behalf of client

Services provided in a typical transaction for a PURCHASER include:

- Explan the process, your rights and your obligations

- Review, explain and if necessary negotiate modifications to the contract

- Address inspection report issues

- Coordinate with lender to ensure proper commitments

- Review/Explain lenders documents

- Review title commitment to ensure clear title

- Review the plat of survey, if applicable

- Schedule and attend closing

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